Gosford Sands

A long planned long walk. As its full of geologists' jewels, if you're not into such things, skip this one :)

Had to wait around 10 years, cos of my CFS health problems, to be fit enough to get the buses plus train and walk this far (and also have energy left to return...). It turned out, all this waiting was well worth it!

Seton Sands to Ferny Ness

This was a quick and cold afternoon walk during early March 2017, jumping on Lothian bus and not expecting much of the weather...

Still, the dynamics of sea climate decided to show off its miracles and clouds slowly lifted, rolled up in vortex fashion into a long strips and then all completely disappeared towards the end of this wonderful day!

More of Winter Fun on the Beach

Same beach again, it could get boring for some. Its cold, its dark, and too late (or too tired!) to hike any further than the very first rocky outcrops...

To capture as much as possible in shortest time possible? People may think I should enjoy being there, the real view, talking, walking and such...  The reality is, we're in Scotland. To enjoy the beach is to capture as much as possible, then sit in the warm room, sift through the photos and bring up the memories.